Sustainability Spitfire Visitor Centre


The Spitfire Visitor Centre will operate in an environmentally sustainable way, applying the principles of sustainable development for the benefit of current and future generations, both locally and globally.

In acknowledging our commitment to the environment we will focus on the following areas:

Reduce our operational impact

  • Operate as Carbon Net Zero by 2040
  • Commit to future sustainable development
  • Improve our energy efficiency and reduce our energy consumption, invest in a rolling programme of energy saving measures
  • Support and encourage sustainable transport for both visitors, staff and Volunteers
  • Reduce our consumption of raw and processed materials in our workshops, reusing material and repairing/maintaining equipment as a preference
  • Reduce our use of non-renewable materials and water consumption
  • Minimise the amount of waste we produce
  • Reduce the use of chemicals in our operations and maintenance where possible

Develop a resilient and biodiverse estate

  • Adapt the Visitor Centres open spaces to minimise the impact of the changing climate
  • Maintain rich bio-diverse landscapes where possible
  • Minimise water use in landscape maintenance

Enable our people

  • Implement the requirements of all relevant sustainability legislation and regulations, exceeding the minimum requirements where possible
  • Provide sustainability training for staff and Volunteers encouraging them to apply sustainability practices at home and within the wider community where we operate

Share and engage with our audiences

  • Share the Visitor Centres sustainability vision, environmental impact and sustainability performance to our visitors and the wider public