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Argosy A3 sized Poster.

Instantly recognisable by its pod fuselage and four engine twin tailboom layout, the Armstrong Whitworth Argosy was designed as a general purpose civil and military transport and was the last aircraft to be built under the Armstrong Whitworth name.

The high wing, four engine general purpose aircraft was built to meet Operational Requirement (OR) 323, issued in 1955 for a medium-range lift aircraft, capable of carrying 25,000 lb with a range of 2,000 miles (carrying 10,000 lb). After various concept designs led to the AW65 and AW66, both were destined for the waste bin due to lack of sufficient funds.

Despite this, Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft decided to continue with one design, the AW65 Civil aircraft and which after a redesign, saw the birth of a four engine configuration.

At the time, Armstrong Whitworth were a division of Hawker Siddeley Aircraft Company and so development was conducted on a ‘private venture’ basis. The prototype AW650 Argosy (G-AOZZ) flew at Bittleswell for the first time on 8th January 1959.

Artworks from the collection of the late Artist Barry Wallond, from St Mawgan in Cornwall. Barry’s artwork included a wide range of WW2 and Post War Royal Air Force aircraft, drawn in Pencil. Barry also created a over 150 computer designed images of aircraft, with details of the individual aircraft portrayed.

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