Bristol Blenheim’s in Formation Poster

Bristol Blenheim’s in Formation Poster A3 size



This Bristol Blenheim A3 sized Poster depicts a squadron setting out on patrol.

In all, there were some 200 Blenheim I bombers converted to Blenheim IF’s and the first squadron to take delivery of these was 600 AAF Squadron based at Hendon, this was in September 1938. By the time WWII broke out, seven squadrons were operating these twin engined fighters.
One of the greatest advantages that the Blenheim had over other fighter aircraft was its range. It could penetrate deep into enemy territory, that is provided that they did not come into contact with any other enemy fighters. With only a top speed on 263 mph (423 kph) and cumbersome and slow in turning it was to have the same fate as the Defiant.

Artworks from the collection of the late Artist Barry Wallond, from St Mawgan in Cornwall. Barry’s artwork included a wide range of WW2 and Post War Royal Air Force aircraft, drawn in Pencil. Barry also created a over 150 computer designed images of aircraft, with details of the individual aircraft portrayed.

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