Halifax Poster A3 462 Squadron RAF

Halifax Bomber Poster A3. Halifax heading out over England.



Handley Page Halifax, of 462 Squadron RAF, heading out, Poster A3.

A 462 Squadron Halifax departing RAF Driffield. Whilst it was designed and employed as a heavy bomber, the Halifax also saw service as a glider tug, electronic warfare aircraft and in a special duties role parachuting agents and supplies into occupied Europe. It was also operated by Coastal Command in the anti-submarine, reconnaissance and meteorological roles and by Transport Command for a few years post-war.

Artworks from the collection of the late Artist Barry Wallond, from St Mawgan in Cornwall. Barry’s artwork included a wide range of WW2 and Post War Royal Air Force aircraft, drawn in Pencil. Barry also created a over 150 computer designed images of aircraft, with details of the individual aircraft portrayed.

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