Mosquito flypast Poster A3

Mosquito flypast Poster A3. Pencil drawn images of two Mosquitos returning home after D-Day operations.



Mosquito Fly Past Poster A3, sketched in Pencil. 

The Mosquito was a remarkable aircraft for its time; not only was it made largely of wood but it was designed as an unarmed bomber, depending on its superior speed to escape enemy fighters. It was nicknamed ‘The Wooden Wonder’.

On 12 March 1945 the last bomber variant of the Mosquito, the B35, made its first test flight. The war had ended before it could be used operationally, but it entered service with the post-war Royal Air Force and served as a bomber until the beginning of 1954

Artworks from the collection of the late Artist Barry Wallond, from St Mawgan in Cornwall. Barry’s artwork included a wide range of WW2 and Post War Royal Air Force aircraft, drawn in Pencil. Barry also created a over 150 computer designed images of aircraft, with details of the individual aircraft portrayed.

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Dimensions420 × 297 mm